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Minitrix Straight Track Length 27.9 mm / 1-1/8" Model train

Minitrix Straight Track Length 27.9 mm / 1-1/8"
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Minitrix Track combines ruggedness, electrically reliable connections, and prototypical... more

Minitrix Track combines ruggedness, electrically reliable connections, and prototypical appearance. This N track system can be expanded as you like. The ideal track system for new beginners and advanced modelers.

Minitrix straight track with a length of 27.9 mm / 1-1/8". Minitrix Track is the ideal track for fast setup of a track pattern on a table or on the floor. With six sizes of curves, flex track, standard or wide radius turnouts and standard or wide-angle crossings the Minitrix track system offers ideal conditions. The most important is careful installation of the track. Small unevenness, wood chips remaining under the track or deburred drill holes have relatively greater effect in 1:160 Scale than in larger scales. For trouble-free operation, we recommend mounting an N layout on a permanent sub-base using plywood or open framework construction. Minitrix track has solid rails made of a special rust-free alloy. Together with the prototypical profile cross section this guarantees unsurpassed contact reliability between wheel and rail. There are also different track extension sets, item numbers 14311 and 14312, for easy expansion of your layout. This allows you to set up parallel loops, passing sidings, and storage tracks.


  • Prototypical appearance
  • Electrical operating reliability
  • Fast setup and takedown

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Gauge: Minitrix
Warnings: only for adults
Warnings: ACHTUNG nicht für Kinder unter 15 Jahren
WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE30519521

*There is a manufacturer's warranty on the part of the guarantor Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH, Stuttgarter Str. 55-57, 73033 Göppingen with a duration of 2 years. The corresponding warranty conditions can be found here.

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