Warranty Terms

Warranty Conditions

Your Extra Protection When Purchasing Märklin Products

There are situations that no one would like to face. However, it's reassuring to be optimally protected should these situations arise. One such scenario is when a complaint arises because a new product unfortunately stops working. What can you do then?

In such instances, the law requires the seller to take responsibility. However, Märklin offers an additional option: the Manufacturer's Warranty.

This warranty gives you the opportunity to directly contact the manufacturer to request a repair or replacement of the product. It is very important to consider the following points:

The Manufacturer's Warranty is valid for a period of 24 months from the date the product was purchased from an official Märklin dealer, but no longer than 60 months from the time the item is removed from the catalog assortment. For MHI products, the duration is 60 months from the purchase date from the official Märklin dealer, but no longer than 72 months from removal from the catalog assortment. As proof, either the fully completed warranty certificate or the original purchase receipt is suitable. Receipts from any other commercial or private reseller are not suitable. To verify whether the dealer you have chosen is an official specialist dealer, you can use the dealer search on our websites for Märklin, Trix, and LGB. For international addresses, please visit

The Manufacturer's Warranty does not cover all possible damages to a model. It is therefore limited to claims arising from manufacturing, design, or material defects. Incomplete products, shipping damages between dealer and customer, or damaged packaging, for example, are not covered and, understandably, can only be claimed against the seller.

Warranty claims will be void in the following cases:
- For disruptions due to wear or the usual wear and tear of wear parts.
- If the installation of certain electronic elements is carried out by unauthorized personnel contrary to the manufacturer's instructions.
- For usage other than the purpose designated by the manufacturer.
- If the instructions mentioned in the manufacturer's user manual are not followed.
- Any warranty, guarantee, or compensation claims are excluded if non-Märklin approved foreign parts have been installed into Märklin products, and these parts cause defects or damages. The same applies to modifications not carried out by Märklin or workshops authorized by Märklin. Märklin benefits from the rebuttable presumption that the cause of the defects or damages is the aforementioned foreign parts or modifications.
- The warranty period does not extend due to repairs or replacement deliveries. Warranty claims can be made either directly with the seller or by sending the defective part along with the warranty certificate or purchase receipt and a report of the defects directly to Märklin. Märklin and the seller are not liable for any customer data or settings stored on the product when accepting it for repair. Unsolicited warranty returns sent collect cannot be accepted.

Your statutory warranty rights against us when purchasing through the online shop remain unaffected by this. If the purchased item is defective, you can therefore always contact us, regardless of whether a warranty case occurs and whether the warranty is claimed or not.

The address is: Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH, Repair Service, Stuttgarter Str. 55 – 57, 73033 Göppingen, Germany. Email: